Michael Kuenzler


photo of  Michael Kuenzler

Mike is a favorite son of Lowell, Massachusetts. A graduate of Lowell High School who excelled at wrestling, he studied Criminal Justice at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He began by serving his community as a police officer and wrestling coach. As a Lowell police officer, he founded the Lowell chapter of the D.A.R.E. Program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) helping to educate our youth about the consequences of drug abuse and offering skills to cope with peer pressure. Upon venturing into the business world, Mike created several very successful, diverse businesses from the ground up – often learning the business as it grew. The owner of All Sports Heroes until 2022, his company was a highly respected supplier of uniforms and gear for First Responders and athletes. Four Oaks Country Club marks another ambitious enterprise. Since 2012, Mike has worked tirelessly with his business and life partner, Cindy, to grow Four Oaks into a destination spot in the Merrimack Valley. Customer service has always been the hallmark of Mike’s work. His attention to his customers needs has made him a trusted businessman and has inspired loyal patrons. For Mike, no job is too large or too small. He can often be found helping in the kitchen. And while it is true that Mike is widely respected for his business acumen, he is most beloved by his community for his benevolence. His true passion is philanthropy. Mike’s fundraising efforts have helped improve the lives of countless individuals through organizations such as - but not limited to – The Boys and Girls Club and the Salvation Army. Mike has received many accolades and awards during his life. Most recently he was the recipient of the 2023 Chancellor’s Medal for University and Athletic Support at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Mike’s pride and joy, however are his three children– Mike Jr., Cody and Nicole.